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We bake, package and provide retailers with Grain Free and Wheat Free premium gourmet dog treats. Our dog snacks are made of nutritious ingredients like wheat free rye flour, grain free pea flour, ground flax, exotic meats, and delicious fruits and vegetables. We do not add salt, sugar, fat or preservatives to our yummy gourmet dog treats. We use only unmedicated and hormone free meats. Our product is preserved through a special drying process which does not require added preservatives. Check out our products page for a full list of ingredients and nutritional information.


We cater to dogs who require specialized diets and dog owners who do not want to feed their dogs with potentially harmful commercially produced dog treats. We know that your dogʼs health and nutrition are important to you and we want to supply you with the best tasty dog treats you can buy.


Nothing to hide, just good treats.


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We are currently interviewing USA distributors for our products.

Are you looking for a quality made Canadian product to distribute to your retailer? Please contact us!