About Us

Our Story:


Over eight years ago Dogʼn It started to supply product to a single store in Fort St. John, BC, Canada. Two years later later we relocated to Nanaimo BC, Canada to grow our company from a one retail business to our current size.


Because we quickly realized that the quality of ingredients and product, ethics and purpose were the most important aspects of our business, over the next three years Dogʼn It fine tuned and narrowed our products and ingredients. We realized that grain-free and wheat-free products not only complimented current methods of feeding dogs but was critical to a dog's diet. Because industrial manufacturers add preservatives, salt, fat, sugar, artificial colors and artificial flavors; we have completely avoided them. Today we manufacture truly simple and tasty grain and wheat free treats for dogs.


Our mission is to manufacture ethical, nutritious, and yum yum yummy treats. We are currently a 1000 mile company. This means that anything we use in manufacturing is grown or produced within a 1000 miles of our manufacturing facility. It means that we will do everything in our power not to purchase from off-shore suppliers and manufactures. We want and do support local businesses and growers. After all if you can buy blueberries grown down the road and Bison farmed ethically in Cache Creek the freshness and quality will truly show in the flavor and quality of a snack. We would love to become a 100 mile company but because we live on an island it is almost impossible.


Over the past ten years we have manufactured treats for the Lower Mainland, BC but now we are distributed across Canada and are moving our product into the United States. We have also added Horse Treats to our company. Our mission is to provide a different treat for those people who want to treat their dog with something they know is safe, nutritious and tasty.


Nothing to hide, just good treats.


Cheryl and Noel Foley